Tips For Men

Tips For Men: How To Bring Out The Sexiness In You

Most of the average-looking, usually funny, generally likeable guys have asked themselves these questions more than a few times: Why it seems like there’s no woman have ever been attracted to me? Why is it every time I am trying to get close to a girl, it never works out? You’ve been making pretty good efforts and showed cool characters revealing you’re such a catch. So why ladies aren’t interested? Perhaps, there is one vital ingredient that is missing; Sexiness.

Increase your chances of attracting a woman by learning these tips on how to bring out the sexiness in you;

Be The Lean, Not-So-Mean Sex Machine

Start by enhancing your body through working-out and controlling your diet. Have most of your carbs during the morning then, less and less as the day progresses. Work out regularly and once you achieve the body built you are looking for, maintain the heaviness of the weights so you won’t add more volume to your muscles. Also, try to walk all the time, everywhere you go so you can still perspire and be active even when you’re not exercising.

The Look

It’s important to know what you’re dressing up for. If it’s for every day work (without uniform), then it’s best to go with what you’re comfortable with because you can actually make a statement about yourself and feel like you’re staying through to it. But don’t overdo trying to make a statement by wearing something completely inappropriate for the occasion. Always note where you’re headed and what you’ll be doing. A good pair of shoes will get you far. Let people take a second look and make a statement. Good fitting clothes are always a must to not look sloppy, droopy, or lazy.

Maximum Comfort

Expose yourself to the world and gain knowledge in conversing well. Remember: social skills can be learnt through interaction. While being able to contribute to the conversations is impressive, you shouldn’t be afraid of having nothing to say. Learn to listen. Having little knowledge of the topic gives you chance to gain insights from the other people. Value their opinion and show them that you are interested in what they think.

You Smell Familiar

There’s no “one scent” that attracts all the ladies – it’s all a matter of preference. Try getting to know the girl you’re wooing to get a clue as to what she likes. Try natural perfumes. They smell different on everyone because they blend with your body’s ph level, and do not mask your skin’s natural chemical properties.

Flash The Seductive Smile

Internalize a story you want to project. Imagine yourself reading a book or checking your phone when you suddenly hear a girl’s voice. You look up to see your crush smiling at you. Smile back. When your smile causes your eyes to become too small, tone it down. Mysterious smiles for angular faces, and different angles for selfies for rounder faces to make them skinnier.