Meeting a Ladyboy When Vacationing in Bangkok

The Thai capital has a few gorgeous private hideaways, most of which are concealed along the Chao Phraya River banks. These are the definition of an amazing romantic stopover. Usually, these tranquil havens have fewer than ten rooms. Guests are charmed by the rooftop dinners, fabulous sunsets, and glimpses into the quaint riverside communities. Imagine meeting your new partner against this lovely backdrop.

Before we get to dating, a few words about must-sees in Bangkok. We would head straight to the city’s historical district, where many of the city’s first roads were built. Locals will tell you this is the real face of the city. Southwest of the Old Town, you’ll find an eclectic mix of Thai-Chinese temples, lotus vendors, and century-old shophouses.

Recently, the city’s Nang Loeng Market was named one of the best restaurants in the world. While skyscrapers, bars, and malls are never too far away, the market area reflects the real Bangkok.

The city’s art scene is delightful. There just isn’t enough time to see all the art galleries worth visiting. To help narrow your choice down, we recommend the Queen’s Gallery, which features the works of young talents as well as established artists.

One thing you’ll notice as you go out and about is that ladyboys are practically everywhere. What are your chances of hooking up with someone? It depends on you. Most trans women here have nothing against dating foreigners because they are more accepting and open to new things. You may find you can’t tell the difference between a woman born female and a ladyboy. Experts will tell you ladyboys are more beautiful and more forward.

Still, if you want to date a Bangkok ladyboy, don’t start with assumptions about their gender or sexual orientation. Some ladyboys like women, for example. Don’t start the interaction by asking them about their sexual preferences or “real” gender.

Groups on Meetup are a great way to meet local trans women. Meetup features a lot of organizations that support the LGBT community with events taking place every month. Members of the groups on Meetup meet in cafes, parks, or malls to talk about general things. It’s very laid-back and casual.

You can take your date to dinner in one of the city’s many nice restaurants. As your anxiety subsides, just watch your date and the sunset and know that dating a trans person is like dating anyone else.

We understand it’s easy to succumb to the temptation to take your efforts to the internet, but you run the risk of not getting to actual dating this way. You can’t build a relationship online. You certainly can’t share any intimate experiences together unless you meet in person.