5 Buzzy Dating Apps To Match Every Woman’s Preference

Sure, online dating can be fun. Positive experiences and success stories shared all over the web have clearly justified that. But we do have some exceptions when it comes to our preferences and expectations. Tinder, in particular, has been receiving several complaints from users who’ve spent considerable time using the app such as catfishing, fake accounts promoting porn sites, guys who never meet, people who just want to hook up, etc.

As a result, we tried these five buzzy dating apps as alternatives to Tinder, so you don’t have to expend the thumb energy;

  1. If your dating gripe is; “Can we stop with the creepy opening lines?”


THE GIST: Swipe right, match, and you, the woman, needs to send a man a message within 24 hours…and then he can continue the conversation.

THE GUYS: A good mix of professionals, men with bikes and marathoners.

EXCLUSIVITY: Low. Anyone with a Facebook account can join.

PRICE: Free but you can upgrade to paid option to be able to see who swiped right on you and rematch with expired connections.

  1. If your dating gripe is; “I’m nervous to date a total stranger. What if he’s a psycho?


THE GIST: The apps taps in to Facebook and only shows you guys in your extended network. And no swiping! Scroll through an in-depth profile before choosing to comment or move on.

THE GUYS: That friend of a friend you maybe save one time at a party?

EXCLUSIVITY: Low. Anyone with a Facebook account can join.

PRICE: One month trial, then needs to pay a fee per month.

  1. If your dating gripe is; “Guys who message endlessly but never meet IRL.


THE GIST: You say what nights you’re free and swipe on people you like. Once you’re matched, the app gives you a time and place to meet, and only then you can chat. Bam! A real date!

THE GUYS: A decent selection of guys in tuxes and cute button-down. Not a lot of shirtless pics here.

EXCLUSIVITY: Low. Anyone can join.

PRICE: 30-days trial, then needs to pay after for a monthly fee.

  1. If your dating gripe is; “I want to meet the guy next door. Literally next door. I’m super lazy.


THE GIST: Popular among city dwellers, it suggests guys who’ve crossed your path (and says how many times) via your phone’s location settings. You can Heart the ones you like.

THE GUYS: The Drake look-alike you’ve stood behind at Starbucks, that briefcase-toting bro from the bus, and yeah, the hottie in accounting.

EXCLUSIVITY: Low. Anyone can join.

PRICE: Free, but you can buy credits to send “charms” to let someone know you like him.

  1. If your dating gripe is; “Guys on apps just want to hook up, and I want to get serious-ish.


THE GIST: It’s made for career-oriented, busy people – you get up to four guys to choose from every afternoon – and the app ingeniously edits out men who work at your company, because: awkward.

THE GUYS: Dudes with advanced degrees and Ivy League educations.

EXCLUSIVITY: Medium to high. There’s a 145,000-plu-person waiting list, but a friend who’s on the app can gift you a VIP ticket to beat the line.

PRICE: Free if you have FB and LinkedIn, with buy-ins for “tickets” that put your profile in front of guys you like.